A downloadable game

The year is 31XX
You are Crowborg
You are about to enter  T H E  T O W E R
This is your greatest adventure, yet

Hello, this is a last minute Nesdev Compo 2022 experiment.

Don't expect much polish nor content. There was supposed to be more of a story,  but I'm too tired. Good luck, everyone!!

This game was written in C using the the fantastic llvm-mos.

SOFTLOCKED? Try these debug codes on controller #2:

  • Select+D-pad - screen warp
  • Select+A - floor warp up
  • Select+B - floor warp down
  • Select+Start - toggle free movement (d-pad on controller #1)

Twitter @miau6502
Discord server


crowborg V0.00001.nes 64 kB

Install instructions

Use an NES emulator like Mesen or FCEUX to play!


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Amazing mix of puzzle and metroidvania game!

Do you plan any updates?

Probably a bug fix version in the foreseeable future, no major changes /o\

Included Crowborg as part of a NES game compilation (@11:04). Bit of an edited playthrough as I died a few times trying to figure out how the enemies worked. Really not sure if I could avoid that spider towards the end at all.